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Warthog Knife Sharpener V-Sharp Classic 2

The Warthog Company was founded in 1999 in South Africa. In less than five years it has become one of the leading manufacturers of diamond sharpeners. This company has created an exceptional appliance that helps users sharpen their blades easily and effectively as if with professionals’ help.
Unlike other brands who manufactured sharpeners with inconvenient clamping device, the Warthog Company created more practical and handy V-shaped device. The V-Sharp Classic was offered for sale in 2000 and has become extremely popular, especially in the United States. The Warthog Blade Sharpeners Company even had to simplify the sharpener’s construction to make the device suitable for mass production. The V-Sharp also got new design to suit any modern kitchen. The advanced model was called the V-Sharp Classic 2. This product has become a brand identity of the Warthog Company. Thanks to the V-Sharp Classic 2, we all know that Warthog Sharpeners are one of the finest in the market.

Key Characteristics

The V-Sharp Classic 2 can be used for sharpening all kinds of knives. Depending on the type of a knife and its determination, you can adjust the angle of sharpening from 30 to 25 or 20 degrees. The knife sharped at 30 degrees will cut almost anything. You can use it to open a can or even carve wood. Such knife will also cut cords and thick paper. 25 degrees are usually set to sharp knives that are used by hunters and butchers. But you can also slice fruits and veggies with such blades. The 20 degrees angle is suitable for delicate cutting. This angle is often used for sharpening fillet knives.
The V-Sharp Classic 2 comes with two 325 diamond grit rods which evenly sharp both sides of a blade. The diamond rods can be easily exchanged. The steel frame is covered with long-lasting Black Powder coat. It protects the metal from outside impacts. Unlike conventional paint, such coating is thicker and harder. And the last, but not least important part of the V-Sharp Classic 2 is the secure rubber base. You can be sure that the device is firmly adjusted to your table and won’t move while you are using it.
The Warthog Company ensures a one-year warranty on this sharpener.

Customer Reviews

According to Average Customer Review at Amazon, this device has got 4.8 out of 5 stars. Users love it because it sharpens blades “in no time at all” (Dave H.) And customer honestly states: “ this is the best and easiest sharpener I’ve ever used.” A hunter and fisherman Todd Kern says that using this sharpening system “is the easiest and fast way to keep all of my knives sharp.” He also recommends this device “to everyone who wants the perfect knife blade every time!” Many buyers have called the device “superb,” “very nice,” “great,” and “the best and easiest.” However, there were those who complained about problems with deliveries and inability to contact the manufacturer. In general, we can state that the majority of Amazon customers who have purchased this appliance are happy with it and recommend it to other buyers like “a sharpener that works.”

Warthog Knife Sharpener V-Sharp Classic 2
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