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How to Sharpen Ceramic Knives

Unlike metal knives, ceramic ones do not absorb any oils or acids. They don’t leave even the slightest metallic taste. They are also said to be twice as sharp as steel knives. Ceramic blades are harder that steel ones, so they don’t need to be sharpened as frequently. In fact, you can sharpen a ceramic edge ten times less than you would sharpen a steel one. The only thing harder than ceramic are diamonds. That is why ceramic knives are sharpened with diamond sharpeners. A well-made ceramic knife is also lightweight. A steel blade weights twice as much as a ceramic one. However, as any porcelain such blades can be easily damaged. You should only use them for cutting boneless meat, fruits and veggies. Be extra careful when cutting raw foods like apples or potato. If the product is difficult to cut, never try to twist your blade from side to side. You may simply break it. Another important issue is storing. A ceramic knife cannot be stored with metal tools or cutlery. You should keep it separately, preferably in a box. And try not drop in onto hard surfaces because, like a porcelain cup, it will break into pieces.

Sharpening Ceramic Knives

Not so long ago owners of ceramic knives had very little options for sharpening them. They had to take them either to distributors or to professional knife sharpeners. Luckily, we live in times when almost anyone can have a quality knife sharpener that can give a good cut even to a ceramic knife. Nevertheless, due to its hardness, ceramic blade cannot be sharpened by any tool. We suggest you use a diamond sharpening wheel or silicone carbide sandpaper with 1500 grit. You also need to consider that diamond sharpeners may leave scratches on your ceramic blade. Never use ceramic sharpeners for ceramic blades. They will not sharp properly and can damage your knife. If you’d like to buy a sharpener for ceramic knife, read the instruction carefully. Check if the sharpener you are about to purchase can be used for ceramic blade.

Electric Knife Sharpener

The most easy and convenient way to give your ceramic knife a brand new edge is to use an electric knife sharpener. This is a small appliance with the built-in diamond ceramic stones. They spin only when you hold the button. The sharpening process takes less than a minute. All you have to do is to turn on the device and keep pressing the button, then place the knife into the sharpener so that the its heel could touch the stone and slide it towards you. Than repeat the process for the opposite side of the blade. You only need to do two slides like this for each side and your knife will be sharpened.

Inexpensive Method to Sharpen Ceramic Knives

There is one more way to sharpen a ceramic knife. As a sharpening tool you can use some sandpaper. Lay it on some firm surface and start to move your blade backward and forward. Such sharpening method can take some time, but it is much less expensive. For example, hunters usually carry a piece of sandpaper for sharpening purposes.
Do not forget to clean the blade from ceramic dust, which is produced during sharpening. You can do it with some wet cloth.
How to Sharpen Ceramic Knives
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