Edge Pro-Knife Sharpener

The Edge Pro brand is one of the most popular knife sharpening brands all over the globe as well as a sharpener that deals with the knives of all shapes and sizes. Its creator Ben Dale had been working on the Edge Pro Knife Sharpener design for a few years. As a child, his father taught him the craft of knife sharpening and since that time he used to doing it every day and during the 10-year periods he had sharpened more than 100.000 knives. The most interesting fact that he was doing it manually and for everyone – his friends, co-workers, relatives etc. Once his friend, who was an owner of a chain of restaurants proposed Dale to sharpen the knives and when the job was done, his friend was  so impressed and surprised by the excellent quality that offered Ben Dale a deal – if Dale sharpens all the knives in his restaurant once a week, he in his turn, will get him as much clients as he only can. And exactly this was the start point of the Dale’s career. Though as the job was done manually, it took really a lot of time and the process was quite slow, therefore Dale started thinking and developing more effective and quick way of sharpening knives and that’s when the Edge Pro appeared.

Edge Pro-Knife Sharpener Review


Edge Pro Apex knife sharpening system kit review

The Edge Pro Apex 2 Knife Sharpener Kit is a patented by Dale system that is capable of sharpening any shape or size of the knife, even serrated ones. This particular sharpening system works very fast as it sharpens the knives at the same angle all the time, therefore the re-sharpening might be sometimes even faster. The Edge Pro Kit includes a 220 medium fine water stones and a 400-grit fine water stone. They are not expensive and very durable. Also, they can be easily replaced by new ones. These stones must be put on a plate and wishing to twist from one to another, one should just change the button.

Comparing this knife sharpener with electric ones, it has multiple advantages over the electric ones. For instance, it doesn’t remove much metal, which means that the edges of the knife will not be so wavy. Also, it shows great performance and durability. Yet another its pro is that it doesn’t require much looking after or the so-called maintenance because a simple cleaning will work. Plus to sharpen a knife, one doesn’t need any power or any special settings. The most important is that nobody will be hurt as the sharpener doesn’t produce heat.

There is a variety of sharpening angles: 10, 15,18, 21 and 24 degrees. It is easy to carry it around as it doesn’t weigh a lot and consequently can be used as inside (at home) as outside (hunting).

The Edge Pro Apex 2 sharpening system comes with the following:

  • instructional manual and DVD;
  • 8’’ 1200 grit ceramic hone;
  • microfiber towel;
  • water bottle;
  • Black Cordura carry case

Though there is one more its advantage that is considered to be the most welcomed by the customers- it is the lifetime guarantee.




When considering to buy any household appliance and in our case the Edge Pro Apex 2 knife sharpener, lots of people started searching for feedbacks and comments on Amazon.com. And as our research has showed, many consumers and users are extremely happy and satisfied with it, therefore rated it as 5 out of 5 stars saying that though it is a little expensive knife sharpener kit, it is still worth it as it really demonstrates the best ever results. Some users like a special learning curve with the help of which they can get practice. There was even a review left by a chef saying that at the first glance the knife sharpener kit looked strange and without a clear idea how to use. But after watching the instructional video only once everything became clear and he even bought it.


Edge Pro-Knife Sharpener
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